The Health Analytics Book is Coming

Book Mock CoverAs many of you know, I’ve spent the past few months writing a book on health analytics and informatics.  I’m pleased to be able to report that, as of last week, the fully-complete draft is in the hands of my editors!  So I thought now might be a good time to give you a sneak peek into what’s in store.

The working title of the book is Health Analytics: Gaining the Insights to Transform Health Care.  It is all about EMRs.  Just kidding.  I’d probably sell a few more copies if it were about EMRs, but it is actually about what we might do with all of that information we are now collecting.

The target readers for the book are executives and leaders in health and life sciences organizations who are curious how to better incorporate analytics and informatics as part of a more effective and efficient business strategy.  I do not spend any time talking about the technical aspects of analytical methods, and there is no software code in the book — it is designed completely for the non-technical reader.  Here is a draft paragraph from the preface that summarizes the topic briefly:

This book is about painting a tangible picture of a different future for health care — one where the business of health care is more closely connected to the evolving science of medicine and the evolving role of individual health care consumers (i.e., patients).  It builds the case for a fairly singular idea; namely, that using health-related information in new and creative ways can dramatically lower costs, enhance profitability, improve patient outcomes, grow customer intimacy, and drive medical innovation.  We call this opportunity “health analytics.”

Some of the topics that the book covers includes:

  • what is health analytics, and why should every health enterprise now be focused on developing their health analytics capabilities?
  • how is health analytics different than the retrospective, reactive, and metric-oriented status quo informatics and business intelligence approaches operating across health care today?
  • what are some key health analytics capabilities and scenarios that will be foundational for 21st-century health enterprises?
  • why health analytics requires us to share data and insights across organizational and market segment boundaries?
  • how does an organization get started, and what does a roadmap look like for becoming an information-driven enterprise?

The book is being jointly published by Wiley and SAS, and can be pre-ordered on Amazon.  I don’t have a publishing date yet, but I’m guessing it will be out in the early fall of this year.  Over the coming weeks and months, I’ll be gradually providing more information, including a few deep dives into the book content.  So stay tuned!


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