Live: health analytics on streaming radio

RadioI’ve been invited to appear on an radio show tomorrow (Monday, 7-Oct-2013) called Making Medicine Smarter.  We are going to talk about health analytics, the book, and all things health care.  The show will air live at 2PM Eastern US, and you can hear it by going to  There will also be an after-show text chat on the AllAnalytics message board if you want to dive deeper on any topics.  Hope you can join us!


Starting Fresh

Welcome to my new blog!  My name is Jason Burke, and I’m a strategist, technologist, and writer focused on how data, technology, and analytics can be used to transform the health and life sciences ecosystem.  My LinkedIn profile is public if you are interested in the places I’ve worked and the experiences I’ve had.

For those that have followed my blogging since my start way back in 2008, thanks for continuing to read and contribute to the conversation (and if you wish to browse my prior blog posts, they are still available at, just click here for the feed).  For those that are new, I hope some of the things I share will be at least thought provoking, and I would welcome your participation in the dialogue.

Here is what you can expect from me on this blog:

  1. I don’t accept the status quo.  I believe health care — the entire ecosystem — is broken…but not beyond repair or hope.  I write about what interests me, which often focuses on the potential for evolution of the industry — the business, the science, the technology — towards a more effective health delivery system.
  2. My view of the problem space — and therefore my writing — tends to be multi-disciplinary.  Topics include the evolving disciplines of medicine, clinical informatics, advanced analytics, strategy development, innovation, software architectures, big data, performance  management…the list goes on, as the field of opportunities for health improvement is huge.
  3. I don’t pick sides.  I’m not interested in the politics of health care — I don’t write about them, and I don’t participate in the ideological debates of conservative vs. liberal policies.  I’m interested in researching, exploring, and discussing real-world issues based on real-world information, not financial and social philosophies.

So welcome aboard, it should be an interesting ride!