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Book-Cover-front-200px.pngAbout Health Analytics: Gaining the Insights to Transform Health Care

“Passionate, connected, and wonderfully insightful—Jason offers a pragmatic framework to create meaningful value through health care analytics. He has an uncanny knack for demystifying the modern health care ecosystem comprising patients, providers, payers, policymakers, and pharmaceutical organizations—and describing the role of health care analytics as the connective tissue that will transform medicine.”   —Richard Thomas, CIO, Quintiles

“If those engaged in health care delivery (or health policy) wish to be among the future winners, those who successfully reconstruct the health care system, they need to read Jason Burke’s Health Analytics. Far more than a lucid explanation of the difference between data and information (and how to ensure that the latter is an integral driver of operations), this book is a strategic map to the future. Filled with wisdom and yet incredibly engagingly written, Health Analytics promises considerable return on investment for anyone interested in the health of individuals or organizations (i.e., virtually everyone).”  —David R. Rubinow, MD, Meymandi Professor and Chair, Department of Psychiatry and Director of Innovation and Healthcare System Transformation, School of Medicine, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


An analytics road map for health industry leaders

The industry-wide transformation taking place across the health and life sciences ecosystem is mandating that organizations adopt new decision-making capabilities based on science and real-world information. Analytics will be a required competency for the modern health enterprise; this book is about how to “cross the chasm.”

Author and health analytics pioneer Jason Burke paints a tangible picture of a different future for health care that’s more closely connected to the evolving science of medicine and the growing role of individual health care consumers. With a forward by Thomas Davenport, this essential analytics guide for the health industry equips healthbusiness leaders with little-to-no experience in analytics to understand how to incorporate analytics as a cornerstone of their 21st century competitive business strategy.


Praise for Health Analytics

“Jason Burke has distilled this complex subject to a structured, commonsense framework that is a pleasure to read. His readers will gain significant advantage in the world of provider risk and ACOs, and will be revisiting charts, tables, and entire chapters frequently for sage advice.”   —Paul Bleicher, MD, PhD, CEO, Optum Labs

“Health care is among the largest and most complicated industries on the planet, such that one would expect to encounter advanced practices. However, health care has yet to encounter its own industrial revolution, one in which data-driven organizations disrupt the status quo to deliver ever better results and greater value. In his seminal book, Jason Burke helps us understand how to ‘paint a picture of a different future’ for health care, using data to define activities, prioritize responses and interventions, and optimize scarce resources, all to drive to a better ‘new normal.’”   —Don McDaniel, President and CEO, Sage Growth Partners


Topics in Health Analytics

Written with a refreshing lack of jargon for non-technical, non-mathematical industry professionals, Health Analytics defines what a new information-powered health care ecosystem can look like:

  • Defines the new enterprise disciplines of health analytics required to operate in a value-oriented health ecosystem
  • Describes analytically-grounded innovations across the continuum of health, including health outcomes analysis, clinical research, quality management, behavioral health, health value assessment, risk management, and more
  • Explores the financial components of using analytics to optimize the tradeoffs between cost and value required for risk-delegated health delivery (i.e., ACOs, PCMHs)
  • Paints the picture for a new health enterprise around the rising role of the consumer, using analytics to create a completely new health engagement model with individual recipients of care

Showcasing numerous examples of health care becoming smarter with data, Health Analytics establishes fundamental improvements in care practice, patient-experienced medical outcomes, and analytically driven novel therapies optimized for the individual patient. This timely book reveals that, just as other major industries are reaping the rewards of advanced analytics every day, the health industry can also take advantage of analytics to consume, unlock, and apply new insights from the precious data already at its fingertips.


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ISBN-10: 1118383044     |     ISBN-13: 978-1118383049